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Oxylabs Adds Self-Service, New Plans To Web Scraping Products

The provider makes it easier to pick up its web scraping APIs and clarifies enterprise pricing.

Oxylabs, the Lithuanian proxy and web scraping infrastructure provider, has released another update this year, focusing on web scraping products. 

The change comprises:

Self-service for web scraping APIs and Web Unblocker

New entry plans at half the previous price

More pricing options for enterprise customers

Easier Onboarding Flow

Before, Oxylabs supported self-service for two products: rotating datacenter proxies and the cheapest residential proxy plans.

Now, customers can start using SERP Scraper API, E-commerce Scraper API, Web Scraper API, and Web Unblocker without talking to the provider’s sales team.

The onboarding process takes a three-step form. First, you’ll have to type in your contact details. Then, instead of talking to the salesperson, you’ll be able to simply describe your use case and carry on with buying a plan.



New Entry Plan for Web Scraping Products

The provider introduced a new entry plan to its scraper API products (except Real-Estate Scraper API) and Web Unblocker. 

From now on, Oxylabs’ customers can choose a new plan with Web, SERP, and E-Commerce Scraper API subscriptions called Micro, costing $49 for 17,500 monthly results ($2.80/1K). 

The entry price for Web Unblocker changes as well – the new Micro plan will cost $75/month for 5 GBs ($15/GB).


Changes in the Enterprise Plans

Oxylabs split its former Enterprise plan into four options: Venture, Business, Corporate, and Custom+. What’s more, the cheapest Web Unblocker enterprise-level plan now has a lower price per GB.

Scraper APIs

The price per 1K results for Web Scraper API, SERP Scraper API, and E-Commerce Scraper API starts at $2.20. Here’s how the enterprise plans line up:


Web Unblocker

Oxylabs also split the Enterprise plan for Web Unlocker and cut the price for the cheapest plan from $10/GB to $9/GB.  Here are the pricing plans:


Bottom Line

Oxylabs has already released several updates this year, including new datacenter and residential proxy plans for entry-level customers and a new product called Web Unblocker.

The latest self-service updates bring Oxylabs one step closer to easier subscription management (still no wallet functionality). And even though the provider is chasing after the smaller customer segment with new entry plans, it doesn’t forget its primary target – business customers. 

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