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The 8 Best Rotating Proxies of 2023
If your web scraping project is struggling with blocks – or you’re tired of managing proxy lists – rotating proxies are just what you need. They automatically fetch new IPs from a large pool of addresses. No blocks, no hassle.

If your web scraping project is struggling with blocks – or you’re tired of managing proxy lists – rotating proxies are just what you need. They automatically fetch new IPs from a large pool of addresses. No blocks, no hassle.

This page will help you choose the best rotating proxy network for your needs. It features a variety of providers for diverse budgets and tasks. We’ve tested each and outlined their main characteristics to make your choice easier. So, you’ll be sure to find something, no matter how large or hard your project is.

Here are our top picks:

A list of the overall best providers offering rotating IPs.

  • Smartproxy – best balance between features and price.
  • Oxylabs – best premium provider.
  • Bright Data – every kind of rotating proxies with many features.
  • NetNut – rotating IPs for high-volume scraping.
  • Zyte (formerly Crawlera) – smart proxies that charge by requests.
  • SOAX – very flexible rotation and targeting options.
  • IPRoyal – cheap credit-based proxies for limited-scale tasks.
  • Storm Proxies – unlimited bandwidth with limited features.

Key Points about Rotating Proxies

  • Rotating proxies automatically give you new IP addresses to avoid rate limiting, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks.
  • You usually receive access to a backconnect gateway server that connects you to a provider’s IP pool.
  • The rotation settings can range from each connection request to 30 minutes and longer.
  • Rotating proxies can be datacenter, residential, or mobile IP addresses. Residential proxies are the most popular option.
  • You usually buy them by traffic, sometimes by threads or ports.

Main Criteria to Consider

We gave particular attention to the following criteria to make sure the provider’s service is fit for scraping the web:

Proxy type. You have several options to choose from, and you might not always need the best one. Rotating datacenter proxies work perfectly well with less popular or less protected websites, while residential rotating proxies are more effective with sites like Google and flight aggregators.

Number of IPs. You have to share rotating proxies with others. A pool with a million IP addresses will likely have cleaner addresses than one with a thousand IPs.

Rotation settings. You should be able to select rotation every request or create sticky sessions for tasks that require multiple steps.

Targeting options. Being able to choose a particular country, city, or even ASN really helps with accessing location-sensitive data. However, precise targeting is not always necessary.

Concurrent connections. The more parallel connection requests you can make, the faster you’ll scrape. Rotating proxies are best for high-volume scraping.

The Best Rotating Proxy Services of 2023



The best balance between features and price.

Smartproxy is a rare provider that combines worldwide locations (which you can target), reliable proxies, and affordable pricing plans.

You can choose from rotating residential or shared datacenter IPs. Either option gives you access to the full proxy pool with any plan.

Smartproxy lets you run unlimited connections, has an API and extensive help docs for major integrations. We’ve awarded it as the best value provider in 2022.

  • Proxy types: residential & shared datacenter
  • Number of IPs: 40M residential proxies
  • Rotation settings: every request, 1, 10, 30 mins
  • Targeting options: every country, US states, 8 cities
  • Concurrent connections: unlimited

2、Storm Proxies


Rotating datacenter proxy pool on a budget.

Storm Proxies sells rotating datacenter and residential proxies. It’s been long known as an affordable option for personal or small business use, which remains true to this day. By going with Storm Proxies, you can expect a simple service at prices starting from $14. Another drawing point is that every plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, even for the residential IPs.

For the benefits, you’ll be paying in features and performance. The targeting options are very broad, the proxy pool limited, and the plans cap how many connections you can make. The IPs perform okay, though they can’t always keep up with those of premium providers.

  • Proxy types: shared datacenter and residential
  • Number of IPs: 200,000 residential proxies
  • Rotation settings: every request, 3, 15 mins
  • Targeting options: US, EU, worldwide
  • Concurrent connections: up to 400 ports



The best premium rotating proxy provider.

Oxylabs is primarily a residential proxy provider, though it also has rotating datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxy services. Oxylabs caters to businesses, meaning that it assigns dedicated account managers to clients, has extensive know-how about web scraping, and takes care of its IP network (which, as we’ve confirmed, works very well).

It also means that Oxylabs might be a little pricey for individuals or those who have small needs.

  • Proxy types: residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile
  • Number of IPs: Over 100 million
  • Rotation settings: every request, 10, 30 mins
  • Targeting options: every country & city, ASN
  • Concurrent connections: unlimited


Residential proxies start from $15 for 1 GB. Business can take a 7-day free trial, others get a 3-day refund.

4、Bright Data


Every kind of rotating proxies with many features.

Bright Data is a market leader with many features and tools. Besides regular residential proxies, you can get ISP proxies, rotating datacenter IPs, and even mobile addresses. Bright Data offers powerful control tools like its open source Proxy Manager. Overall, it’s a fine choice for businesses that want all the bells and whistles they can get. You can pay as you go or fine-tune a pricing plan for your needs – some like it, others find it confusing.

Bright Data has very strict proxy usage and KYC policies, so you might need to defend your use case. It’s not the easiest provider to use, and extra features cost a premium.

  • Proxy types: shared datacenter, residential, ISP, mobile
  • Number of IPs: 70M residential proxies
  • Rotation settings: highly customizable
  • Targeting options: every country & city, carrier, ASN
  • Concurrent connections: unlimited


Residential proxies start from $15 for 1 GB. Businesses get a 7-day trial, others a 3-day refund.


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