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The Best Proxy Server Providers of 2023
Over the last few years, the proxy market has greatly expanded.Now, proxies aren’t only used for shady practices such as black hat SEO.Instead, they benefit many areas of expertise. For instance,

Over the last few years, the proxy market has greatly expanded.Now, proxies aren’t only used for shady practices such as black hat SEO.

Instead, they benefit many areas of expertise. For instance, individuals use proxy servers to access geo-restricted content, overcome website blocks, improve privacy, buy limited edition items or simply to change their IP address.Meanwhile, businesses take advantage of web scraping, data aggregation, market research, SEO monitoring, and many other use cases.

However, it’s quite hard to choose a trustworthy proxy service with so many companies on the market.Anything could lie beneath unrealistic marketing slogans, from unethically sourced IP addresses to false promises about how many IP addresses provider controls.

So, how do you know what you’re getting? Most people read the reviews to get an honest opinion of each providers’ products. However, this process is resource-intensive.To save you both time and money, we used our expertise in the market to test the most prominent proxy server providers. Keep in mind that we didn’t test all types of proxies they offer.Instead, we focused primarily on residential proxies.

How We Tested Proxies

Since there are no industry standards set on how you should test residential proxies, we used our technical knowledge and experience to create our own.The result is two main tests: a performance test and a manual analysis. The performance test looked into each provider’s proxy pool size, quality, success rate, and other aspects.

Meanwhile, the manual analysis dwelled into features, user experience, price, and customer services. We compiled all of the data to the only and most extensive Proxy Market Research.

Why We Tested Only Paid Proxy Providers?

We won’t be looking at best free proxy servers. Why? Let’s face it: free proxy servers are terrible for anything beyond the most basic tasks. Are you interesting in hiding your IP address and browsing the web anonymously? Don’t use free proxy server that can track your every move. Unprotected web proxy server can steal your data or inject ads into websites you visit. On top of that, they’ll be slow and often already blocked or abused.

None of the proxy providers in our list are free. Heck, aside from Smartproxy, PacketStream and Storm Proxies, the best anonymous proxy services aren’t even cheap! That’s because good service costs money, and we’re looking at the best the proxy server market has to offer.

The Best Proxy Providers of 2023

Smartproxy is definitely a smart choice. Let’s break down everything this provider has to offer.

First of all, Smartproxy has one of the larger proxy pools in the market, which consists of 40M IPs from real devices. In our tests, over 63% of 2 million requests returned unique IPs, which is the highest number of all providers we tested. Not to mention that almost all of them are ISP and.



The best value provider.

mobile IP addresses.

Also, we were pleasantly surprised by Smartproxy’s near-perfect connection success rate and a response rate of less than 1 second. Undeniably, that’s premium quality performance.

However, Smartproxy doesn’t fall into the premium provider category, and that has a lot to do with its pricing model. To provide bang for your buck, Smartproxy had to cut on on some features, so don’t be surprised by the lack of SOCKS5 support and slightly fewer targeting options. The company has its focus elsewhere, which is providing great customer support and excellent user experience.


40 million rotating residential IPs

195 locations with country and city targeting

Rotation every request, 10, 30 mins

Unlimited concurrent connections

Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication

API & browser extension

Extensive documentation

Award-winning 24/7 support


Starts from $12.5 for 1 GB. 3-day refund available.

2、Storm Proxies


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