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The Best Datacenter Proxy Providers of 2023
Datacenter proxies offer the cheapest way to change your IP address. They’re the go-to choice for many tasks: from avoiding geo-location restrictions to gaming, automating workflows, and scraping content from the web.

Datacenter proxies offer the cheapest way to change your IP address. They’re the go-to choice for many tasks: from avoiding geo-location restrictions to gaming, automating workflows, and scraping content from the web.

Datacenter proxy servers have plenty of variety.

You can get IP addresses that are shared or dedicated to your exclusive use; static or rotating; sometimes even completely free! This page will walk you through the main types and help you choose the best datacenter proxy providers from a curated list.

What Are Datacenter Proxies?

Datacenter proxies are remote computers with their own IP address and location. Instead of connecting to websites directly, you go through them first. This lets you hide your own identifying information.

Datacenter IPs are hosted on servers in data centers. As a result, they’re very fast and often have unlimited bandwidth; however, they’re easier to detect than residential and mobile proxies. You’ll have issues accessing protected domains (like shoe stores, social media, or Google), but they’re still very effective for plenty of use cases.

Shared vs Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Shared datacenter proxies are a significant step up from free proxies. They perform much better than public lists and give you more breathing room compared to the freemium options above.

You’ll usually be sharing these IPs with several other people – not ideal but you might not even notice it with smaller websites.

However, search engine scraping, accessing sneaker sites, or managing multiple accounts on social media are a no-go.

Shared proxies are several times cheaper than dedicated addresses. You can opt for a static IP list with unlimited traffic or a pool of rotating addresses that resembles residential proxies. 

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated proxies, also called private proxies, are the high end of datacenter IPs. These addresses are hosted on premium hardware, have the best performance (no sharing!), and carry less risk that someone will blacklist your IPs while you use them. 

They’re the logical choice if shared proxies experience too many blocks, you need more control or consistency.

These proxies are almost always sold by IP address, offering unlimited bandwidth but no IP rotation. Keep that in mind.

The Best Datacenter Proxy Providers for 2023



Best rotating proxies for web scraping.

SmartProxy sells both shared and dedicated datacenter proxies. Its service is very simple to use and has some of the best customer service on the market.

First and foremost, SmartProxy offers 100,000 shared datacenter proxies in the US and Europe (Germany, Romania, Netherlands, and UK). You get full access no matter the plan. There are no target limits, and you can make as many parallel connections as you like. Rotation with every connection request makes the proxies very practical for web scraping, and you can create 30-min sticky sessions for other tasks.

The dedicated plans don’t include many features. SmartProxy has a 400,000 proxy pool but only in the US. There’s an option to choose between sequential or non-sequential, SOCKS5 or HTTP(s) IPs using SmartProxy’s dashboard. Furthermore, you can opt to refresh the full list after renewing subscription, or keep the same IPs.

The shared plans are bandwidth-based, and you get a lot of cheap traffic. If you exceed the quota, there’s an option to buy extra gigabytes without upgrading. The dedicated options start small but can scale up to 1,000 proxies if needed.

Features: Unlimited bandwidth, monthly refresh, rotation every request or 30 mins

Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5

Locations: US (dedicated) & US, Europe (shared)

Price: Shared plans start from $8/50 GB ($0.16/GB) or pay per IP $7/100IPs; dedicated – from $7.50/3IPs. 3 day refund available.



Rotating datacenter proxy pool on a budget.

StormProxies is a popular proxy service provider among small-time scrapers and social media hustlers. It’s probably the cheapest proxy provider out there. The proxy quality isn’t the best, but that’s probably not your priority at this price point. The provider has two datacenter options: dedicated and a mix of rotating residential and datacenter proxies.

The dedicated proxies are mostly suitable for accessing websites in North America. You get a list of IPs that run up to 100 threads with each IP. You can get a plan for a specific use case like ticketing or social media.

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