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Basic introduction

Proxydrop is one of such companies. Established in 2020, it sells residential, ISP, and CAPTCHA proxies exclusively for rare shoe releases. Like many similar businesses, Proxydrop is mostly a Discord and Twitter-based operation, run by sneakerheads for sneakerheads.

The business model here is to somehow get a bunch of IPs, optimize them for sneaker stores, and sell the proxies in limited quantities for a premium. You end up paying more per IP or gigabyte, but having to buy less. A pretty good deal for small-time shoe flippers.

Proxydrop isn’t the first sneaker proxy provider we’ve reviewed, and it probably won’t be the last. Does it have what it takes to compete both with the mainstream companies and its sneaker brethren? That’s exactly what we’ll try to find out.

Proxydrop Services

Proxydrop offers three kinds of proxies: datacenter IPs for generating one-click CAPTCHAs, ISP proxies, and rotating residential proxies. The last kind has several tiers that further optimize the IPs for copping. Let’s run through each type.

Proxydrop Datacenter (CAPTCHA) Proxies

These are dedicated datacenter IP addresses made for getting one-click CAPTCHAs during sneaker drops. As such, they work only with Google and YouTube, where you farm CAPCTHA tokens by watching videos. 

Other than that, Proxydrop provides little information about its CAPTCHA proxies: no location or number of concurrent requests. But that’s not really needed, as long as the IPs do their job. 

You can authenticate the CAPTCHA proxies using user:pass authentication. Access to them expires after a month of use. 

ISP Proxies

ProxyDrop’s ISP proxies are static residential IPs. They’re dedicated to one user at a time and available only in Virginia. Most of the major shoe stores have servers nearby, so they should work well for US releases. However, if you want to cop from locations outside the US, these IPs won’t do.

They expire after a month.

Residential Proxies

The last and Proxydrop’s main product is peer-to-peer residential proxies. The provider claims access to over 28M IPs. It’s hard to believe that Proxydrop sourced all these proxies by itself, so at least part of them should come from other, larger proxy providers.

The proxies cover all the major sneaker locations: US, UK, Japan, and more.


Proxydrop uses something called smart server routing. Basically, whenever you use proxies in a particular country, the provider routes your connection through a server that’s closest to the IP’s location. 


Another interesting thing with ProxyDrop is that one residential proxy isn’t equal to another. In fact, you can get three different plans:

  • Regular residential proxies. 
  • Elite residential proxies.  
  • Prestige residential proxies. 

All in all, this classification is pretty confusing.I’d consider the regular option as the default choice.If you lack speed or the rotation time is too short, try the elite IPs.And if IP reputation is your main concern, you’re left with the prestige option.


The CAPTCHA proxies start from $11/10 IPs ($1.1/IP).The largest advertised plan costs $50/50 IPs ($1/IP) and lasts a month.

The ISP proxies start from $65 for 25 IPs ($2.6/IP).The largest plan on display will cost you $240/100 IPs ($2.4/IP) and last a month.You can also get one-day ISP plans from $12.5 for 25 IPs ($0.5/IP) and monthly ISP subnets that cost $380 for 256 IPs ($1.5/IP).

With the residential IPs, it depends on which option you choose:

Apex ranges from $18/GB to $14/GB at 10 GBs of data.

Prestige is more expensive still, with pricing ranging from $22/GB to $18/GB at 10 GBs of data. 

Two things that work in Proxydrop’s favor are the fact that its residential IPs never expire and that they don’t impose artificial scarcity. In other words, save for perhaps the Prestige proxies, you can come and buy a plan at any time.

But the price is very expensive, compared with soax and smartproxy are much more expensive.

The provider accepts PayPal, credit card, Google Pay, and iDeal as payment methods. There are no trials and no refunds available.


Proxydrop Performance Tests

Sorry, we cannot test the performance of ProxyDrop for the time being because it is a sports shoe business.

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2023-04-21 13:29:14
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