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Basic introduction

Recently rebranded from Blazing SEO, Rayobyte has built an impressive infrastructure of datacenter proxies. Pretty much unlimited and reasonably priced, they send a strong statement both to mid-range and premium proxy providers.

But Rayobyte’s ambitions don’t end here: it recently expanded the line-up to cover most proxy types (and gained our Contender of the Year award for doing so). So, you may now choose from non-expiring residential proxies or static addresses from major ISPs. The provider tries to further sway your feelings by mentioning its American roots and positioning as an ethical proxy partner.

Basic information


Rayobyte is a US-based proxy provider established in 2015. It belongs to the Sprious group, which offers web scraping, data intelligence, and hosting services.  

Rayobyte’s main product is dedicated datacenter proxies. Lately, the company has been branching out to ISP, residential, and mobile proxies as well. Other than proxies, you can get a general-purpose web scraping API with data parsing capabilities for Google and Amazon.

Before its rebranding in July 2022, Rayobyte was known as Blazing SEO. True to its name, the company started out targeting search engine marketers. Back in 2015, it had already laid out many of the building blocks that made the company successful. The IPs were on fast 1 Gbps lines; you could get them delivered and replaced nearly instantly; and they cost well below what people expected to pay for dedicated proxies – from $1.2 to as little as $0.65 per IP.

Since then, Rayobyte has scaled up significantly. Its network of datacenter proxies now reaches 300,000 IPs throughout nine ASNs, hosted in self-owned data centers. It’s enough for Rayobyte to call itself the “largest American proxy provider”. The other products still have ways to go – Rayobyte has only begun building its own residential IP pool via bandwidth-sharing app Cash Raven.

But it is undeniable that such a cheap IP proxy will inevitably have the problem of poor IP proxy quality.

Rayobyte Datacenter Proxies

According to Rayobyte, it controls over 300,000 datacenter IPs. You can get lists of shared, dedicated addresses, or IPs that periodically rotate, depending on your budget and needs.

The proxies are spread around 20,000 C-class subnets throughout nine different ASNs, ensuring a diverse variety of addresses that’s less likely to get mass banned. Few providers can match this scale, aside from proxy giants like Oxylabs and Bright Data.



The semi-dedicated proxies support nine locations (US, Brazil, Western Europe), and the rotating ones only three (US, Germany, Brazil). In some countries (mainly the US), you can further specify a city.

If you choose the rotating plan, you’ll get access to a backconnect gateway server with different ports. It will grant you a proxy pool with 20 times the number of ports you buy: 2,000 IPs for 100 ports, and so on. After 10-100 minutes, the IP address behind the gateway server will change.

Be aware that the system automatically chooses proxies from various subnets based on your location preferences. You can then replace the ones that don’t work until you find a subnet that manages to complete the job. So, it’s pretty much a trial-and-error approach. It’s possible to choose one location when buying a plan.



Rayobyte’s datacenter proxies use a subscription-based pricing model.You can get proxies for a month, three months, six months, or a year.The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it gets, up to a 15% discount for a year’s commitment.

The datacenter proxies are priced by IP address, with the exception of rotating datacenter proxies, which charge for ports.There are four plans that cover ranges of IPs; as with duration, each plan offers a larger discount:


The third factor to influence the price is IP location.Proxies in the US are generally cheaper than in other countries, likely because Rayobyte finds them easier to source.At its worst, the difference in price can reach 75% (US versus Australian dedicated proxies).

Overall, the plans can be pretty affordable if you fall into the lower range, for example, 105 IPs. However, they’re so broad that at 900 IPs you’ll still be paying the same price.At this point, the value dives.

Performance test

We last tested Rayobyte dedicated proxies for 2022 Proxy Market Research.The plan included 100 IPs in the US.

We made 1,500 connection requests to each of seven high-profile websites.We also measured the proxy connection speed by running a DigitalOcean speed test.


You can see the performance with individual targets below:


Rayobyte’s datacenter proxy service is large and diverse enough to be a viable option all users of all sizes.The IPs we received performed great, and they have very few limitations.The pricing plans don’t require buying much, but they can also scale to thousands of IPs if needed.

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