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Why should I consider the number of IP nodes when choosing to purchase an IP proxy?

There are more and more proxy IP service providers in the market today, each promoting the advantages of their own products for users to choose from. Among them, a common indicator is the number of proxy IP nodes provided by the service provider. So, what are the benefits of having more IP nodes?


1. Reduce risks:

Having an abundance of proxy IP nodes means less risk. If you are using a proxy IP with only one node, that means you are using IP from the same region. No matter how perfect your request strategy or how efficient your program is, frequent and intensive visits are easily detected by the target administrator. And if you use IP addresses from all over the country to access, the probability of being blocked is greatly reduced.

2, reduce the repetition rate:

Rich proxy IP nodes mean that there are more IP resources, which can greatly reduce the repetition rate when the crawler extracts IP, thus improving the work efficiency of the crawler.

3, increase the optional:

Many services require the IP of a specified city, and a rich IP node can choose a service provider according to its own business needs, thereby increasing the electability. If there are fewer IP nodes, many services may not be able to run smoothly.


Therefore, when choosing a proxy IP, choosing a service provider with multiple IP nodes can guarantee better and smoother work.


Next, let's explore the effect of nodes on proxy IP.

1. The more proxy IP nodes, the lower the repetition rate:

IPv4 networks are very limited worldwide, as well as domestically. IPv4 networks are scarcer in every region. The more proxy IP nodes, the wider the distribution area, the lower the IP repetition rate. The fewer proxy IP nodes, the higher the IP duplication rate in a region.

2, the more proxy IP nodes, the stronger the supplier strength:

When choosing a proxy IP, not only the quality and price of the IP should be considered, but also the strength of the supplier. The more proxy IP nodes, the greater the cost of the supplier input, the stronger the strength of the service side, so they provide relatively more reliable services.

3. The more proxy IP nodes, the higher the selectivity:

If IP nodes are spread across the country, there are more regions to choose from. Sometimes, you may only need a proxy IP for a specific region, but the requirements are variable. If you have fewer nodes, you may not be able to meet your needs.

4, the more proxy IP nodes, the higher the success rate of business processing:

Generally speaking, a website has users all over the country. If you want to use proxy IP to simulate actual user visits, the visits in some specific areas will be easily recognized by the website. Multi-region visits are not easy to identify, and the success rate of the business will be higher.

Therefore, it is also necessary to pay more attention when choosing IP agents.

Here are some tips for choosing an IP agent:

1, Service reliability: When choosing an IP proxy, ensure that you choose a reliable service provider. A reliable proxy service provider will ensure the stability and availability of their servers to ensure that your proxy connection is not frequently interrupted or malfunctioning.

2. Wide geographical coverage: Choose an agent service provider that provides multiple geographical nodes. The wider the geographic coverage, the better you can simulate the visiting behavior of different regions. This is important for tasks that require geolocation or site testing and data acquisition in multiple regions.

3, high-speed connection: Network speed is one of the key factors in the use of proxies. Choose an IP proxy service provider with a high-speed connection to ensure that you can access the target website or service quickly and efficiently. Fast connection speeds will help improve efficiency for tasks such as crawling, data acquisition, web browsing, and more.

4, anonymity and privacy protection: The proxy server should provide anonymity and privacy protection functions to ensure that your real IP address and personal information will not be leaked. This is important for tasks that require protection of personal privacy, sensitive data collection, or anonymous access.

5, support protocols and features: Ensure that the selected agent service provider supports the protocols and features you need. Different tasks may require different protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, etc. In addition, some advanced features such as proxy rotation, session retention, etc., may also be factors that you need to consider.

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