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Dedicated IP in HTTP Proxy: Understanding the Difference from Shared IP

In the era of the internet, overseas proxy IPs have gained significant momentum with the widespread development of internet marketing. Many businesses rely on overseas IP proxies for successful operations, such as international marketing, cross-border e-commerce, data scraping, and overseas surveys. Proxy providers now offer various proxy options based on user requirements, primarily categorized as Dedicated IP and Shared IP proxies. Let's explore the concept of Dedicated IP and its distinctions from Shared IP.

Shared IP Proxy:

As the name suggests, a shared IP proxy is used by multiple individuals simultaneously. When using a shared IP, external access to your website is not possible. It requires binding the domain name to the shared IP, enabling browsing through the domain name. However, if one user's website experiences penalties or IP blocking, it may affect others utilizing the same shared IP.

Dedicated IP Proxy:

A dedicated IP refers to an IP address exclusively used by an individual. With a dedicated IP, direct access to the internet is possible without the risk of being affected by others. It supports direct domain name resolution to the dedicated IP. Moreover, a dedicated IP offers the convenience of a fixed IP address, simplifying various processes.

Distinguishing Factors between Dedicated IP and Shared IP Proxies:

Direct IP Access: Dedicated IP allows direct access using the IP address, while shared IP does not. Accessing a shared IP directly would result in error messages.

Security Risks: Shared IP proxies are more susceptible to external network attacks, and issues with one website can impact others. In contrast, dedicated IP proxies are not affected by such collateral issues.

Domain Name Binding: Dedicated IPs support wildcard domain name binding, whereas shared IPs do not.

Pricing: Due to the higher security and privacy level associated with dedicated IPs, their pricing is typically higher compared to shared IP resources.

Advantages of Dedicated IP Proxy:

Dedicated IP proxies offer several advantages, including:

Enhanced security: Exclusive usage ensures higher security and privacy for the user.

Independent control: Users have full control over the dedicated IP, allowing flexible management and adding nodes as needed.

Stability and reliability: Dedicated IPs provide fast and stable connections, with dedicated technical personnel maintaining the IP pool round the clock.

It is important to choose a reputable proxy provider for a seamless experience. iPRoyal is an excellent overseas HTTP proxy service provider. iPRoyal offers precise city-level IP targeting, monthly IP pool updates, reliable connections, and affordable prices. It caters specifically to the field of big data acquisition, helping businesses and individuals efficiently obtain data sources.

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