Oxylabs introduction

Oxylabs is an HTTP proxy provider that has been in operation since 2015. It is one of the largest companies in the field, offering a variety of proxy services and several data collection apis that can help you grab almost any target.

Oxylabs primarily caters to corporate customers, and you can see this everywhere: from the neat and tidy website, to the certification listing on the home page, to the dedicated account manager, its products are even insured! It was a first for the agency.

However, it also means paying an above-average price.

Oxylabs has won one of our Top Agency Provider awards for several years in a row, and it continues to impress us with the size, functionality, and performance of its agency network, which few other than smart give us the same experience.

This review covers all aspects of Oxylabs services, which we have divided into three sections: static, rotating proxy networks, and web crawl apis, followed by pricing information and in-depth performance benchmarks for the major services.

Let's take a look at whether it's worth paying a lot of money for an HTTP proxy.


Best overall performance

Flexible proxy controls

Global locations

Premium customer service


High entry threshold


Proxy types: Datacenter (dedicated, rotating), ISP (dedicated, rotating), residential, mobile

Web scrapers: universal, search engine, e-commerce, and real estate APIs

Audience: Mid to large companies

Reselling: Yes

Extras: browser extension, proxy rotator, Android app

Support: 24/7, account manager

Payment options: Credit card, wire transfer, AliPay, PayPal

Trial: 7 days for companies, 3-day refund

Oxylabs Static proxy network

Oxylabs' static agent network includes data center addresses from cloud service providers and static residential agents associated with consumer Internet services.

And both provide HTTP proxy services that users can use independently.


Of the two, data center proxies are by far the more powerful choice, not only covering IP proxies in almost every country in the world (which is incredible for data center ip), but also allowing them to be located to specific cities. In addition, Oxylabs controls about 2 million of these addresses, which means you can expand as needed. More importantly it ensures high IP diversity, which is useful for avoiding subnet and asn related prohibitions.

ISP proxy services are significantly smaller and less developed, however, 100,000 ips are not to be scoffed at, otherwise they provide many of the same features: unlimited traffic, domains, and connection requests.

The biggest benefit is that you get better access to sites that rigorously monitor IP reputation, while preserving the speed and long sessions of data center agents.

While both types appear in the IP list, there is an option to rotate them, though it requires paying for additional software called Proxy Rotator.

Finally, note that both types support the SOCKS5 protocol, which is not surprising; some of the better agents offer it.

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